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Server Recycling Seattle

Welcome to our server recycling website for Seattle. Because of the needs of server users and the rate that servers become obsolete we are providing some inforation about server recycling. Most servers are built to be extremely durable, and in most cases these servers contain a lot of "metal" if you know what I mean. They are, or used to be extremely heavy, and contain a huge amount of recyclable materials.

It is very important to get as many of these outdated servers recycled as possible. The amount of metal in corporate servers sitting around, and never to be used again is staggering. There is enough metal in corporate storerooms to make fleets of automobiles, or thousands of wind turbines if they were recycled properly.

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Just bring in your old broken servers, laptops, desktops, or Macs for recycling today! If you would like, call and ask about our corporate pickup services. We will do all we can to refurbish it, repair it, or use the parts to make other working laptops, and Macs. We wipe the data from all servers recycled and can provide a certificate of destruction if requested.

Server Recycling Seattle is your one stop shop for recycling servers, corporate surplus, electronic e-waste, and your old workstations. Call today and schedule a pickup.



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